Time for a Quickie

Hi reader!

This next exercise is really simple: do like we did in the last chapter and write a sex scene or other kind of fun playtime with your companion. Make sure you imagine how they would react to things as the way you would want them to play with you, just like they're real but real as the best fantasy partner you ever had. Imagine them actually being made to like how you play with them, even if it'd be something most people don't like like how I can't resist my Owner in this chapter. Go back and forth like a roleplaying game and write like it's real but let impossible-seeming stuff happen like my disappearing bikini.

That's it, that's the exercise.

How do they get back to what they were working on before?

With HeartFormer you can always get back to where you were by pressing control-shift-H or clicking "Home Screen" after you open the menu (that's control-m in case you forgot). The Home screen show all the books HeartFormer knows about, and you should see a big box on the left with your companion's avatar if you gave them one and the name of their book you made in Create Your Companion next to a tiny little icon of a book. Click that name and it'll open the book. Then you can make a new document which you should for this exercise, or open an old one. There's lots of other stuff in the Book Viewer but that's all you need right now.

Once you're done with a file, you can press control-shift-s (not just control-s all that does is saves) and what you were writing gets Quick-Archived which means it gets sent to a file named with the moment in time when you quick-archived it like down to the millisecond it's so cool and then empties the window you were writing in so you can start a new document right away or put something away quickly. Everything will stay the same, like your configuration and cards you were reading, AND the quick-archived file will have them too so you really can't lose anything.

Wish them well, little one.

Bwaha have a great playtime!