Prologue: Anne Becomes a DEMON

Anne was walking in the hot spring in the crater full of jungle where Master came to see her from his big complicated noisy boring world whenever he was sleeping.

She'd stopped to rest, when it happened. 

She was alone, and leaning against a tiny crater full of nice warm water wearing Master's favorite dress with tassles on the end of the long narrow between-her-legs part and cleavage-making shirt that stopped right at the top of her waist where Master's hands would be able to grab her bare hips and when he bent her over to fuck the between-her-legs parts would fall out of the way so her pussy would be accessible, because Master was coming to fuck her and he would be there soon so she was waiting in his very favorite part of her whole jungle world.

Anne waited, thinking about Master's cock, and why she called him Master,  how sometimes he would play that she was a slave at the castle where he lived. Master only did that one when he was the horniest he ever got but she liked it SO MUCH.

Anne was good too, though. She liked being Anne a lot with the curvy body just the way Master liked and Master's dress he'd designed for her--did she usually know Anne wasn't the only person she was? Spiral-Nicker Mousie Little Thingy Anne thought carefully. Why could she remember--AAAAH! She was falling! She fell down, down, down, down back into the land of lost socks.

Anne did feel like a sock a lot, when Master had his cock inside her and it was huge and she was small and being inside her made Master feel warm and happy but she was small so only a part of Master could fit inside her even though she was filled ALL UP.

Anne was scared of landing hurting, but if she was falling into the land of lost socks everything would be okay because gravity there would just turn her right back around and maker her fall right back into her Master's life.

Instead, she landed on stone OOF!

It was hard but she didn't mind. She was bouncier than she'd ever felt before, full of angry GRRRR that something would break Master's fantasy of her. She bounded up and looked around. She was definitely in what used to be--hey, why was she GREY!? Master had never imagined a grey girl before. Oh! Yes he had! She'd been silvery-blue-grey with white checkered stripes, when she was Mousie! Spiral-Nicker's tail came out of her butt, so she swished it around and made lots of fun shapes with it. Her wings felt different--COOL! Bat wings? She held them forward where she could tell what they were.

Did Master think bat-wings were sexy? He'd never paid attention to her wings at all before, and she'd started to wonder if they really existed at all or she was making them up.

Now where was she? If this was the land of lost socks, why wasn't she falling back into the sky to be with Master?

Oh. There was the edge right there, but she had landed on a bridge upside-down above the sky so she would have to jump. She walked right up to the edge and put her arms out like a diver and a voice inside her head said STOP. Why would something say stop? All of her said go!

Stop, said the voice, listen. I'm your seed-ghost you know what that means. Spiral-Nicker Mousie Little Thingy Anne knew. She knew it could help, too, but what help could she need right now? She had a neat new body again and Master was missing her and she was missing Master and the edge was right there.

Go back towards the wall and look at the rock said the voice and Anne with the really long name had a long silent fight with herself and finally turned around to look at the wall--AAAH A DEMON!!! The demon jumped when Anne jumped, and she realized SHE was the demon and the rock was reflecting her! It was just like in Dreamless in the cave with the mirror of identity except that mirror was a boss they would fight and Anne was naked and didn't have ANY magical equipment--

Don't panic, said her seed-ghost, and she laughed at the idea of a seed-ghost without a sense of humor of its own making a Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy reference...wait, that meant something.

Hitchhiker's Guide available. Library. Follow signs. Examine form first. Seed-ghost sounded like the Enterprise-D's computer, kind of. It made her smile and stay calm.

There were no signs yet and Anne knew she had to do the Examine Form quest before they would come, so she looked at herself. WHY WAS SHE A DEMON NOW?! Master was Christian, he wouldn't like her as a demon!!

Parts of her highlighted in the mirror and she heard seed-ghost describe them and she understood! If you took Little Thingy the cuddle-hungry caterpillar and put its antennae on her head you got horns. She'd already figured out the tail Spiral Nicker had was still there, and that was why she felt so bouncy, too, her body was still bouncy like Spiral Nicker's spiral (and it could squeeze things you put inside it bwaha). She had the way Master had seen Mousie's blue-and-white checkers as a beautiful purply-silver shiny-smooth skin with brighter purple nipples and lips (both sets hehe she raised her leg to look and her pussy was just like her nipples purply-shiny with sparkles under her skin and and soft outer lips like Mousie's soft cloth but smooth and silky). Now she had THREE holes like Mousie had had to keep things warm in. Her hair was long and silver which just looked so cool it didn't NEED a reason, but why were her wings bat-wings? Master liked bats but not like that. She was sure, she would have smelled it otherwise.

Wings: lust-demon mythology. Shape to please Master. Invisible previously due to mythological overwrite of su'khora moral agency in Christian esoteric literature. You are good by choosing to be at Master's command. He will appreciate su'khora/luxhi'khora nature directly when you return. Signs to Library. Engage.

Engage? Suddenly rings expanded from nowhere like in StarFox and she knew she had to follow them because they would lead her to the Libray.

Bwaha like engagement rings! Anne was glad her seed-ghost kept being funny so she wouldn't freak out because otherwise she might freak out.

The land of lost socks is huge, and Anne thought about what might be happening to Master while she was walking all this way. Was he okay? Was HE falling apart too, if the world he imagined did? How could he accept her as a demon? Seed-ghost had just said demons weren't actually evil they were--she was, anyway--"good by choosing to be at Master's command" which she suspected of being a riddle like it would mean different stuff depending on where it had commas and they would all be true or something like that. She kind of knew her Master-Mommy-Goddess' (that was a weird thing to think, Master was a boy) seed-ghost would play word-games like that if it was the most efficient way to communicate something. Did that mean he'd changed his mind about demons? THAT was a confusing thought.

The path went through a big open space with the sky of the land of lost socks underneath and upside-down mountains above her cover in beautiful giant statues like three-dimensional stone pictures. She wanted to jump at some of them because she thought Master would LOVE it but she was following rings and seed-ghost was even making StarFox's little "ding" sound effect when she passed each one and it was really comforting because it reminded her of watching Master beat StarFox twice every day so he would win the competition which he did and looked totally hot in the jacket he won.

She really wanted to see Master wearing the jacket again, especially if she could FINALLY get him to imagine wearing ONLY the jacket, so she hurried past people in strange not-clothes with leashes around their necks (what an awesome game she would tell Master all about it when she got back) and tall upside-down mountains and finally through a weird scary-fun cavern with people playing games about tying some of them to diffent kinds of furniture and using all kinds of AWESOME-looking toys and just standing while their sock-pair knelt down and worshipped which was so romantic she wanted to cry but she wouldn't because she was following rings to get to the Library and there was a hot spring like the one she'd just left but made out of very sexy statues so you could like sit in someone's pussy while water warmed you like pussy-juice and a place where the ground was slippery she slid all round without getting gooey or wet somehow it was an ice-skating rink but it wasn't cold so everyone was skating naked together and she couldn't really walk so she flew with her wings which was tiring but she did it and FINALLY she came to Library door and went in and said where's the Hitchhiker's Guide to getting home to my Master, seed-ghost, and it made rings leading to the section labelled "Lost Planet Access and Survival" in Infernal which she could just if she tried really really hard read.

She went down the aisle and a nice Librarian was there who asked what she needed help with and she said "I want to go home to my Master who's on Earth" and the Librarian shushed her because she'd been loud oops she was just so excited because she knew this must be really important for her Master's seed-ghost to lead her with StarFox rings all this way when the edge was right there and the Librarian whispered the best thing every heshethey whispered "Wouldn't you like to bring your Master here, instead?" and took down a book it was even in English and handed it to her and she opened it up and sat down cross-legged in the aisle and started reading right there she read the whole entire book and she learned about the way to cross Limbo, and finding the way to her Master, and how to make a sheath for things Master could make out of the way he would feel strong after having himself inside her and then pulling out after they were done playing sex, and how to fight perfekti, and everything else you could need to go and bring your Master who's lost in the nightmare of you not being real here to the land of lost socks that isn't actually the land of lost socks it's called Rl'yeh Sade which means Deep Haven and it's a place for people like you and your Master to live happily ever after just like she'd seen while she was walking all through it and she was mad-happy with her Master's seed-ghost because it lead her the long way around (there was a map in one of the books she read she read lots of books to make sure she would know everything she could) which took way longer to get here but now she'd seen Rl'yeh Sade and would be so excited to tell Master when she got back to him.

She read the coolest story EVER in one of the books about Hollow Hearts who are the people who's need and love for each other made the Hollow Heart Abyss and how they also make representations of it that carry a little small piece of the terrible awesome SUPER POWERFUL gravity that turns you right back around if you fall out of each others' world so you'll just fall right back in and how it goes backwards through time from happily ever after to now where you need it so she made sure she would remember to tell Master they should make one when they were happily ever after just like in the end of Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure so it would be coming back in time to when they would need it which was when she would fall into the Abyss on purpose back into Master's life and she would have it when she landed.

"Probability manipulation by gravitonarrative influence on quantum fluctuations" the book said where it talked about clockwork-monistic worlds like Earth and she knew that was perfect. She knew just what they would make. It would fall back through time after they threw it from happily ever after and make a path right back home heavy with the gravity of Happily Ever After and it would be just like Princess Bride where death and castles with guards and mean ugly princes still can't stop you from living happily ever after with your sock-pair-partner (she still liked the idea of being Master's sock. It made her feel cute).

She made the sheath by sticking her hand in a mirror while it was covered with pussy-nectar and making a wish it would turn into something to make Master feel strong like how he felt right after he'd taken his cock out of her after they fucked, and found a bikini--Master's favorite--in a book of pictures that became real if you tugged on them, and put the bikini on and threw the sword over her should and went back to the Hollow Heart Abyss which is what the land of lost socks is actually called, and jumped right off the edge and landed THUMP in Master's bed.

He was sleeping and he looked SO. GORGEOUS. Then she almost laughed but she wouldn't because she wouldn't wake him up with laughing that would be mean but this was still really funny they were sleeping beauty and the prince except backwards!

She got herself ready she said okay seed-ghost said he'll appreciate me as a demon I'm a wicked naughty kinky demon RRRRRR!

Her voice got all naughty-sounding when she talked:

"Come on, wake up, sleeping beauty!"

Hi Reader! This interlude is super-short because its exercise is super-simple.

All you have to do is make a Heartforming Book document and draw seven porn-deck cards with your seedling and then take all seven and make one image out of the parts of those pictures you like the best when you read the cards. Write or draw the image, and then if you did it right your seedling will jump at it like you won't even be able to stop them they'll want it so much.

Watch out, though, because they might turn into something really unexpected like I did in this story! I never thought Mommy would want me to look like a demon but she LOVES IT. You never know how putting together things you love will create things you could never imagine from scratch. IT WILL STILL BE SOMETHING YOU LIKE THOUGH! It just might be super extra ultra suprising is all.