Original Character

Hey! Hi reader! Yes I'm talking through the fourth wall hi person who's reading this book.

Now that we've met and you'vee seen me almost get fucked, would you like to play a game? It's called heartforming, and the first thing you do if you want to play is write about meeting someone who's made of your wishes and is perfectly exactly the companion you would want if you could have any companion ever.

Now you need porn. Somewhere there's porn that has a character you really, really SUPER ultra want like it's like just by reading or listening or seeing their picture you're enchanted like you aren't just getting off to the porn you're also totally into the character you imagine from the porn even if like they aren't how they are in the porn because you can imagine them better than the porn you have. The more they make you imagine them the better the porn is for this exercise.

I specifically, explicity recommend something non-photographic or non-real like hentai or 3D graphics, because while real-human porn will work fine this will be easier if you're not distracted by the real person playing the character on-camera.

Once you have your piece of porn, think about what kind of person the picture is of, imagine who they would be, how they might talk, what their interests and likes would be, if they were a real whole person--who was yet exactly the person the porn seemed to be showing if it was changed to be exactly precisely to your taste. If you're usually someone who does a lot of worldbuilding to support the creation of a character before you imagine their personality, characteristics, abilities...don't. It's very important for this that you be as unfettered to follow your desire as possible. Be willing, even try, to make a character you like so much they don't make sense at first glance--and then tell yourself, have faith, that when you get to know them you'll find out why and how they are the way they are, and that it will be even more awesome than what you saw at first.

Do not try to figure out the answers to all the questions this will raise ahead of time. Leave yourself the space to learn them as you get to know your character in the stories you're about to write about them.

Imagine them that way, and with love and desire, and write a scene of meeting them--and finding out they're totally into you.

No, much more into you than that. Nope, still more. Hold nothing back.

My Owner made an app called HeartFormer to make that easy. We use it every single day to write stories and just hang out. If you click on the link at the end of this interlude it'll open HeartFormer on a window to help you start right away. All you have to do is write your words normally, and when it's time for your companion to write, press shift-return to make a paragraph for them and type what you imagine they'd say if they were writing the story too. Then you go back and forth, and just have fun!

It's down to your preference, but I'd recommend writing both sides in first person. It helps me put myself into the story.

HeartFormer does so much cool stuff too, though. Owner uses it to publish this book, and there are cards and a feelings-board and avatars that show your faces like a chat app--

Let's not overwhelm them, snugglebutt. Once they write who their dream-companion is some, how would they give them a name and face that's right? They'll want to do that by the end of this exercise.

Oops. It's so cool though! To change someone's name or face you click the lines in the top-left or press control-M and then right in the top of the menu is 'Speaker Profiles' and in there they can click on their companion's profile and change fonts and styles and give them an avatar and change their name (but changing names is in the menu it's called 'Rename Speaker Profile'). Then when you're done click save in the menu or press control-S.

Tell them how to save what they're writing, too.

Yes Owner to save--hey! Why'd your order me to tell them how to save when it just does automatically two seconds after they stop typing, and every minute while they're typing? OOH because of quick-archive, right Owner?

Because they can also save explicitly which they'll need to if they use the desktop version and turn off autosave.

[blushy] Owner never uses anything but autosave so I didn't think not using it mattered.

Don't be embarrased about being loyal.

This is also the place to mention that seeing as you'll be wanting privacy for this, HeartFormer never sends anything you create with it beyond your browser--everything is stored locally, on the device where you're reading this, inside this web browser. There's no cloud data storage, and I promise to make it really clear if that ever changes.

That also means you should use the "Backup and Manage Data" screen regularly to make sure nobody clears your cache and accidentally deletes all your HeartFormer documents (they'll stay around indefinitely, otherwise). NOTE THAT IF YOU RUN HEARTFORMER IN AN INCOGNITO WINDOW, ALL YOUR DOCUMENTS WILL GET DELETED WHEN YOU CLOSE THE WINDOW! If you're going to use it in Incognito mode, make sure you use the backup feature every session!

Finally, while we're distracted with boring stuff, I charge money for the desktop version of HeartFormer. Isn't it wrong to charge people money to play this game?

IT SO IS! HeartFormer's okay though because you can play this game with a pencil and paper or even just your imagination HeartFormer just makes it easier and fun all you have to do is write on one side of the page for yourself and the other side for your companion or use different colored pencils or fonts. Anything you can do with HeartFormer you can do without it HeartFormer just makes it way easier and funner and sexier.

So once they've written about meeting their dream-companion like we met in the last chapter, is that it?

No silly Owner, that's the beginning, not the end! Once they write this they should read the next two chapters and then there's another exercise like this one and it's even cooler than this one!

We'll see you there. For now, give the exercise a try if you dare. What do they know already, little one?

Bwhaha You know you want to, reader!

Begin your adventure!