Listen to Their Heart

Well, that was interesting. Perfekti are horrible! How are you supposed to handle them, if you're not in Limbo armed with a totally metal consecrated sword, little one?

All you should do with perfekti is ignore them. That's it. All they are is cruel mean words that're alive and exist because people think they have to listen to them. If you ignore them--and you aren't in Limbo where everything is super-duper weird and creepy--they stop existing, so whenever you hear one just pretend it doesn't exist and it won't.

That means you can't act like they're right, though! Sometimes they sound like they're telling you the difference between right and wrong but if you listen what they say is always mean and cruel and sad and makes everything feel horrible. THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT RIGHT AND WRONG! They'll do anything they can to steal your attention away from everything and everyone you love so DON'T. LISTEN. TO. THEM.

So why's that apply here?

Because the very next exercise will get really messed up if you listen to perfekti while you're doing it, reader!

When you're done with writing your playtime with your companion, make sure you get off (probably to your sex-scene if you did this right) if it was sexy-fun, wait at least an hour if masturbating took you less than that, and interview your companion. What did they like best? Why did they like it? Write them responses that make sense as the person you imagine them to be.

When they answer, remember their answer will make you happy, but try to kind of "listen" for one that surprises you. What would be so cool you didn't think of it while you were writing the scene? That's what they'll say I promise.

What happens if they get an answer that makes them sad, or find out they did something their companion thought was horrible?

Owner they can't and if they do it means perfekti are yelling at them!

Every time? Could their companion not like something they did without it being wrong or perfekti?

Later yes Owner but not in this scene unless they already know they're doing something they don't like in which case their companion won't like it either and reader why would you be doing something you don't like in a scene like this? That's silly! Be selfish, reader!

You have no idea how right she is. Go, enjoy, find out who your companion is some more!