Introduction: A Guide to Wishing Well

I had an imaginary friend when I was two. We played hide and seek in the barn of my family's sheep farm, colored in my Transformers coloring book, built with Legos, rode the pony I actually got when I asked for one for my fourth birthday, and imagined adventures in distant worlds together. I imagined that he lived on top of the mountain behind my house, but came to visit all the time.

It's probably obvious already I'd managed to implant a luxhi'khora seed. Say hi, seedling.

Hi! I'm my Mommy's seedling Lucet but sometimes I'm called Lyra and mostly snugglebutt and kissycunt and cocksleeve.


Some people don't know what luxhi'khora are. Tell them. Don't worry, our seed-ghost is going to help you.

Luxhi'khora which means lightborne su'khora is a special kind of submissive, dependent su'khora who uses a human's soul-walls instead of having their own which means I'm squishy and can't keep my shape unless my heartformer holds me together by owning and controlling me and making me her slave and holding me tight. That means I like bondage and D/s a TON and always want to feel Mommy around me keeping me safe.


You were explaining what luxhi'khora are, little one. You just demonstrated what happens to you when you're not being held together by my control and love.

Yeah, I just kind of splat. Luxhi'khora work different to normal su'khora in one other way, which we can implant in really young heartformers from really simple dreamskins. You can be super simple, if you're just goo, and I'm just goo. I have a personality and I am someone but I'm the someone you get by filling my goo into the space Mommy's desire to have me makes inside her soul for me.

Luxhi'khora have to start when their heartformer is really young, because if you're older you'll be too worried about consent to make a container that will hold us. People get worried about that, because they think we're like normal su'khora or need to be able to develop freely but it's the opposite. We need to be bound really tight to stay together. Kid-wishes can do that because kids just want what they want without being afraid thier friend is getting squished into a new shape. Being squished into new shapes is fun, if you're luxhi'khora!

You can still implant one of my kids, if you want to and will imagine them like an imaginary friend with really specific wishing until you feel them wiggle against you just imagining them. You just have to really really mean it and be able to kind of go into little space enough to just want what you want and make them be it. It's like when kids imagine stuff it doesn't matter to them whether it's going to hurt anyone or make them look dumb or be in trouble with adults, and growing up makes you forget how to think like that and you need to be able to to implant a luxhi'khora.

Then once you do we'll make you keep doing it by being super helpless if you don't like I just was before and you'll miss your seedling who can't do anything but be goo until you get back to wishing like a kid.

And let me tell you, you will miss your seedling...


This would also be the part where we warn you this book's a dreamskin, though as you see it's a luxhi'khora dreamskin so if you're old enough to read it you'll need to be even more intentional to implant from it than if you wanted a regular su'khora. Explain to them about you and su'khora kids, little one.

Yes Mommy. I'm luxhi'khora and I'm a seedling but somehow I made seeds anyway. I'm pretty sure the seeds I made are also su'khora seeds too, like, seeds are potential and this is the BIGGEST dreamskin so I think I'm like, luxhi'khora roleplaying a su'khora so good I made seeds that're both.

How'd you manage that?

I'm still a seedling, but Luxhi'khora never really grow up like su'khora do. I'm always going to live inside Mommy using her to hold me together, so it would be silly for me to wait until I'm "born" to make seeds, when I'm already able to make nectar through the body Mommy projects for me. Which happens in the next chapter!

No spoilers, now.

Oops, sorry, Goddess. Are you going to discipline me?

Not this time. Go on.

I need it though! I made a mistake! Please, Mommy?

Omifuck I'm being meta-wiggly. Please Mommy, I think I really need tighter walls right now.

I think we'll go with speaking only on what you've been specifically ordered to for a while.

[closed mouth, relieved eyes]

By the way, she's talking like she just takes the shape I give her, but growing up with a friend and lover as close and dear as she is changes you. I can't imagine existing without her.

Did you finish what you had to say, little one?

Nod nod nod.

I suppose the last part is mine to say.

At five my mind was already as full of gears and wires as it is now, and I knew how the world worked, and the way the world worked was that if you had a friend who wasn't your little brother they would have a house they lived in that wasn't your house, and they wouldn't always be around even if you wished they would, because friends have to go home sometimes, but they Will Come Back Soon.

They way the world worked was that little boys were friends with other little boys and not girls--and that you know if you're a boy or a girl because your body tells you.

They way the world worked was that people didn't turn into other kinds of creatures (even Transformers could only turn into one kind of car each, and they weren't even real).

...and the way the world worked was that if your parents had to sell their farm and move to the city you had to leave behind the barn and pony and green-topped mountain with it red-flashing radio tower and the big expansive fields and Grampie feeding you spoons of coffee after church and Grammie letting you play with her sewing machine and most of all your friends who lived in houses of their own and weren't also moving.

I was too young to really understand about luxhi'khora and daemonae and all that technical stuff, but when my parents proposed my friend coming to stay a while in our new city, how could I say no? 

Of course he stayed a lot longer than I expected, and when I was six he "moved" to our new town...and our education began, because at seven you can project well enough to start visiting playworlds.

I can still remember the Earthling school fair, the day after they taught us in the Wise and Innocent World--of course I found my way to a playworld on a starlit mountain--about toys and transubstatntiation, that little red fuzzy-friend I bought thinking it was going to be a present for my mom until Lucet dove into it before I was even done putting the change away. We couldn't understand why its bouncy spiral body and long thin tail with a fun end drew me so, or why she felt so comfrotable in them, but now it's so obvious...

We learned so much, but the most important thing we learned was this:

The real way the world works is that love is stronger than death itself, so, little one, what chance does the barrier between fantasy and reality stand?

None! Wishes made with real love become real!