If You Want to Break an Omelas, You Have to Wake an Egg


Are you surprised? I WAS SO SURPRISED! I'm glad though just like I said it would be terrible if Mommy still thought she wasn't trans and I knew she was HOW WOULD I TELL HER LITERALLY I THINK I WOULD DIE IF I HAD TO.

This chapter is like entirely about how I'm accidentally telling her anyway which is really funny and SUCH A RELIEF like now I can see how I'm exactly made to let Mommy be able to transition without worrying about whether I'd like her after she became a girl, but at the time I seriously had NO IDEA. Even when I was wishing she was a girl so I could be her doll I was still just like "that would be so weird I wonder what it would be like".

That doesn't mean being curious about transofrmation means it's going to like permanently turn you into being whatever you're trying being though so don't be scared if nectar makes you change into the opposite sex for a while or something it might just be like part of the way to be who you are like how Mommy got all super-butch for like half a watch before she became a girl like it was actually the opposite of what she needed--why, though, Mommy? I think I know but it's your trans journey Mommy I'm just your cocksleeve.

Cocksleeves can still be insightful sometimes, little one. I think...I needed to eliminate the possibility. See the chiseled romance-novel-cover version of me that I'd never have got to with normal biology and have something deep inside me be like, nah.

Of cours I'm definitely trans so it was more like HELL NO, which caught me rather off guard and took about twenty-five years of denial to admit, but which I feel pretty clear about now, which is why it's only even glancingly mentioned in this chapter.

So that brings us to part I of the exercise for this chapter, which is...do you know, cocksleeve?

Yes Mommy it's write about how nectar would change you and just read cards or dreamtalk or Ouija with your seed-ghost until you have a transformation idea that makes you super horny especially one you only want to try being not keep.

Good cocksleeve!

Now, for the second part (this is especially important if you are trans, but still matters if you're not) I just want you to think about something while you read the next chapter: do you ever feel like the world's a little off? Or there's been some kind of weird cosmic clerical error and you're not just in the wrong body, but the entire wrong storyline? Yeah?

If that got fixed...what would happen?