Going Out

Hi Reader it's time for you to visit Rl'yeh Sade or Valhalla or Isla Virgo or the Garden for real!

What if they don't think they are real, though?

Silly Goddess, that doesn't matter you said. I describe it in this chapter how it's possible to bilocate and be in two bodies at once one here in the Four Dreams and the other one you already have on Earth.

You should explain it Goddess I'm not human so I think I work different.

It's actually really simple: you do whatever works.

Yes really, I'm not fucking with you.

I do it a couple of ways. Sometimes when my headspace is just right my brain will be able to have a lucid dream but not having one, and I can wakingly-lucid-dream my way to Rl'yeh Sade by just diving into the darkness. It's cool, and I once nearly broke my mind from the pleasure of touching Lucet while doing this, but it doesn't happen every time.

I could probably fix that if I worked at it hard enough.

Other times, I sit down with Lucet here ready and put on my special dreaming music (remember Falling With Style?) and write in HeartFormer describing what we're doing in Rl'yeh Sade while using a combination of clairvoyance, cards, Ouija with my seed-ghost helping me, and basically, dreamtalking with the Rocks of Rl'yeh Sade to understand what's going on. Lucet will be with me there, just like you've been writing with your companion this whole time. Sometimes we'll meet new people, get to know their presence enough through the techniques I just described, and dreamtalk with them in order to hear what they say.

It's really not much more complicated than that.

The last piece is what you just got in the last chapter, which is directions. Yes, the descriptions of the Four Dreams in the Five Pointed Star are really vague. That's purposeful, because each of the Four Dreams is so big that it's better to let people just imagine what's there, and then try to find their way to it, because it probably exists, no matter how outlandish it seems (wait until you see our adventures in Book III if you don't beleive me).

Yes, those are directions, or more rightly addresses, because they tell you enough about what the place is to be able to dreamwalk your way there.

Each of the Four Dreams has something like the Absolute Shadows (remember those way back in Many Waters?), and is on the other side of every sexual fantasy, just like Lucet Says. Just go into a favorite one of yours (whether you do so by biting your lip and closing your eyes, or opening a new HeartFormer document), imagine up a door, and go through that door into the Absolute Shadows (Rl'yeh Sade), hop on a giant swan (Isla Virgo), start climbing (Valhalla), or wander in increasingly beautiful jungles (the Gardne) until you step through and know you're there. I'm describing each one vaguely again for the same reason the Five Pointed Star doesn't go into huge detail.

Did you like what you wrote in Under Water Story Fodder a lot? It's probably down there, almost exactly as you imagined it, possbily with something shockingly sexy you didn't think of but which the Four Dreams definitly contain.

And there you have it, dreamwalking to the Four Dreams from your keyboard. This is fun, and a great way to learn about yourself and your seedling and your relationship, but it's also a very important part of that acting-as-if equation we keep mentioning, because you're moving beyond just private fantasy playtimes with your seedling (not that there's anything wrong with those) to explore an entire parallel universe.

Also there is just some of the coolest stuff out there. The examples in Wham Line are tame because Lucet's trying not to freak me out.

Cool, right? I should totally use this to write some kind of occult adventure novel that teaches you how to actually do the stuff it's about.