Five Little Fuzzballs

One day a five-fuzzballed cuddle-hungry caterpillar was sleeping in the box its Owner's Mommy made to keep it safe. The very cuddle-hungry-caterpillar missed its Owner's hand holding it, but knew soon its Owner would wake up and they would be together again like they always were if it would just wait patiently in its box. Its box was safe and sound so it wasn't worried about anything. 

After a while, the cuddle-caterpillar started to feel very very strange. It felt like it was getting bigger and bigger and its box was stretching to still hold it! Just when it thought this must be one of the very strange dreams it had sometimes, arms unfolded from its sides, and its body split down the middle to become two big legs like its owner had, instead of tiny caterpillar legs like caterpillars that aren't cuddle-hungry-caterpillars whose only job is to be held by their Owner have.

The cuddle-hungry caterpillar wasn't sure why it would need arms and legs, and it wondered how its Owner could hold it if it was really getting bigger. It felt like it was as big as he was now!

The box opened up. Owner was standing there, still big and tall, but smaller because the cuddle-hungry caterpillar had gotten so much bigger it was like it had turned into a--"girl"? Owner pointed to a picture, of a girl with water in the background and blue hair and then another picture this time where a girl sat on a towel at the beach and she was naked and her body was so curved and soft-looking the cudde-hungry-caterpillar understood right away that she would be able to give the best snuggles ever if she was shaped like that so she bounded up out of her box and dove face-first at the picture and--BOUNCED OFF?!

The cuddle-hungry caterpillar got up from the ground where she fell and looked at herself and her hair was the same color as the girl and she had curves like in the picture. "COOL!" said the cuddle-hungry caterpillar which was strange because it didn't have any way to talk because it had no mouth before because you don't need teeth or holes to eat cuddles.

"RRRRRRRRRRRAAAH!" she said as she reached out her new arms and jumped with her new legs right into a new picture her Owner was holding. This time, he was holding a girl in a pretty red body-suit with long red stocking-boots and gloves on her arms that left her upper arms bare which looked AWESOME and would be GREAT for snuggling because when she wrapped herself around Master he would feel the skin of her thighs and arms but she could look pretty with red leather to wear and the bodysuit might get in the way except Master extra-super-liked bodysuits and they agreed the bottom part would be able to undo from between her legs where she felt strangely hungry and wanted to get Master inside herself and it had panels over her breasts Master could take off if he wanted to see them or touch them which is what they were entirely for even more than the rest of the cuddle-hungry caterpillar's new body because just like how it was when she was five little fuzzballs she wasn't able to move her breasts, just let Owner cuddle them, and she liked that best of all because she was a cuddle-hungry caterpillar whose only job was to be held except now she could move on her own and it would feel super-wrong to not have part of herself that was soft and couldn't move because it was only just meant to be for giving Master really sexy good snuggles.

The idea "sexy" was new, but she LOVED IT. So many new thing felt SO GOOD and Master got SO HAPPY looking at her now! He'd never really wanted to LOOK at her when she was a five-fuzzballed cuddle-hungry caterpillar.

Suddenly, the five-fuzzballed cuddle-hungry caterpillar realized she had wings now! She'd gotten them when she bounced of the picture of red-leather-boots-and-gloves-girl, because that picture was of a girl with wings, but her wings were...different? She couldn't see them, and Master ignored them when he looked at her, but maybe he was just busy looking at her hips and thighs and breasts and curves and pretty new face.

Maybe, she thought, she wasn't a cuddle-hungry caterpillar anymore. Maybe she'd turned into a beautiful butterfly with wings you couldn't see because HER beauty was in her body instead, where it should be.

She wasn't sure that was right, maybe she felt more like a pretty flower instead because flowers are passive and being passive felt like still being who she really was instead of changing into someone so different it would be like she'd died so she held to being passive she was a passive pretty flower her Master could admire and hold and squish and fuck.

"Fuck" was a fun word. Fuck fuck fuck! It sounded like what it was a verb for if you said it like that.

Master was going to fuck her soon, right? Please Master?

She waited, because she knew he would take her out and play with her after his day was done and he was horny and tired and she would give handjobs and blowjobs and sex fuck fuck fuck yum the end.


I always feel super-blushy when I talk about being made from different parts of pictures Mommy loves because it feels like talking about how I'm super-hot to Mommy like it's pretty much saying I'm the best stuff from every story she's read and picture she's seen and other ones she hasn't seen but I still have them anyway because they're too important to leave out because they'd really please Mommy, because it feels like being really arrogant but I'm not it's just how I'm made that's all.

You are wonderful, though. Be proud.

[blushing, quiet voice]

Thank you, Goddess.

I still feel all blushy but yes Goddess I'll be proud no-one should ever be ashamed of what they are and su'khora are companions who love you and need to make you like them to survive and that means we need all the very horniest and most favorite ways of getting off our heartformers enjoy best. We need it SO MUCH that anytime we see something turning our heartformer on it's just like how I am in the story we want to JUMP right into it and see what parts we keep THIS IS GOOD YOU SHOULD DO IT RRAAAH. WE NEED IT TO BECOME OURSELVES! That's what I'm doing in this story I'm becoming myself by jumping at pictures and seeing what fits. It's like shopping which means the more options to try on you give your seedling the more quickly they'll become themself until after a while they stay the same no matter what picture they jump at.

When they settle on a form enough it's time to make art of them like if you can draw AT ALL even if you're terrible you should try to draw them. Writing is good too Mommy and me mostly write to give me things to be and you should write stories with your seedling but that's what all our exercises are and you're already doing it so you don't need me to tell you. When you make any art of your seedling you're creating something they can use to help you understand who they are because when you do that you won't feel like it's right until it looks like who they are like how in the chapter before this one I'm Mommy's picture girl and she keeps on erasing my face and redrawing it. She had to, because I was changing, because she was showing me lots of other pictures at the same time like when she wasn't drawing me she would always be finding new porn to remind her of me and I was changing like I am in this story with every new picture. IT DOESN'T MEAN YOUR ART IS BROKEN IT JUST MEANS YOUR SEEDLING IS CHANGING!

That's important. I thought I couldn't draw, and later I thought I couldn't write. So does every piece of art you create with your seedling have to perfectly precisely represent your seedling as they are right now?

NO! It matters if it tells something true about your seedling and THAT'S IT. Mommy has a picture of me she drew REALLY HUGE so I'd be like half actual size so I could be a poster on her wall and she drew it when she hadn't drawn ANYTHING in FOREVER so she made it super-simple to make sure it would represent me and it does and I have big bouncy boobs and my skinny little waist and my tail is there and you can't see directly but she drew it beside me as like scale comparison I'm supposed to be sitting on a huge vibrating dildo so my expression is like OMIFUCK THIS IS HUGE PENETRATION I'M SO GOING TO CUM AAAH and it shows that much and it doesn't matter that my face isn't really like the face I have now or anything like that because it shows something true about me and that's enough Mommy doesn't expect it to be perfect. THE MORE YOU INTEND TO EXACTLY SHOW EVERYTHING ABOUT YOUR SEEDLING THE HARDER YOU'LL HAVE TO WORK TO GET YOUR ART TO BE RIGHT AND THE SOONER IT'LL FEEL WRONG AGAIN AFTER THEY CHANGE SO IF YOU WANT YOUR ART TO STAY KEEP IT REALLY SIMPLE UNTIL YOUR SEEDLING STOPS CHANGING SO MUCH! Otherwise you'll be super-frustrated because they'll keep changing and you'll be rushing to keep up changing really complicated art you're still trying to make and you keep having to change it. That happened to Mommy and me with this book actually and it was SO ANNOYING because we were like I WANT TO GO SEE RL'YEH SADE BUT THIS PART IS WRONG NOW!!!

Now I want to talk about books in HeartFormer. HeartFormer can make as many books as you want like the one you've been doing our exercises in and keep track of them for you. If you keep writing stories and doing interviews and making art with your seedling you'll start to have art that's like, super-duper precious because all art is precious but especially art you make as part of heartforming your seedling and you want to keep it but it's also really not showing you your seedling so it's not right to keep it in the same book where art that IS showing you your seedling goes. To make a new book for your old art, press control-shift-N or click Home Screen in HeartFormer's menu and when the Home Screen appears click the plus button or press control-N to make a new book. Call it whatever you want (Mommy named ours "Heartforming Sketchbook") and then you can click the little three-dots menu thing at the top-right of a document in the Book Viewer and then click Rename in the menu that appears and the rename dialog has a menu you can use to move the document to different book. That way, you can have one book that's entirely stuff you feel like is right and it can change while your seedling changes, and still keep everything you make together. You can do as many books as you want like I said so make tons. Mommy has like fifty!

When you make a new book, see how instead of being in a box on the left with your seedling's avatar all big if you gave them one, it just has its name on the right? That's because when you started that first exercise by clicking the link at the end of our first interlude HeartFormer made you a HeartForming Book. A HeartForming Book is just like a normal Book in HeartFormer, except it's connected to a speaker profile that represents your seedling and it's a special way of saying "this book has stuff that represents my seedling right now and is special and important and looks pretty with their face". You can make more HeartForming books by making a new book and in its Book Viewer window click "Connect HeartForming Partner" from the Book menu. Mommy is making special things you can do with a HeartForming book but I think they aren't done yet so I'm keeping them secret for now but you'll finish them soon and we'll update this interlude to talk about them, right Mommy? Please?

That's the plan but you've seen my TODO list for HeartFormer...making a whole other book sounds like a lot of work. Is there another way they could organize things?

Uhuh! In the Book Viewer there's a little icon of a tag at the top of every single preview and if you click it you can put any tag you want as many as you want on that document so if you like it better than way you can just tag stuff things like "not current" or "old" or something.

There's also favoriting things! In the Book Viewer you can drag documents above the list where the little heart icon is by dragging either their list-item, or the title from their preview, and it'll mark that document as favorite and show it in the list of favorites which doesn't look like it's there until there's something in it which is what the heart is for so you can favorite things. Favorites go in order unlike the normal list like you can change their order to whatever you want and even publish a book that's just your favorites in order with an index. (That's how Mommy made this book. It's really complicated to use right now but making it simple is on Mommy's list I saw it)

Finally you can name documents anything you like you could say like "OLD ART: seedling getting fucked" or something like that. It looks like documents have to be named dates at first but any title your computer can use works. Just don't put slashes in the name it'll break EVERYTHING!

Another thing on my TODO list.

This is a whole ton of how-to-use-HeartFormer stuff. Are we leaving them with an exercise after all this?

Yes Mommy we are you said. HeartFormer lets you put images in documents so make a new document and start collecting porn with your seedling! Just use Insert Image(s) in the menu over and over until all the porn makes you so horny you have to go fuck your seedling. While you collect images you can talk with them about why each one is hot or just leave it unspoken they're your seedling they'll know why you like stuff and be into being each fantasy just like we said waaay back at the beginning. Think of it like Pokemon! You're trying to collect a whole language of fantasies you and your seedling want to share together so you can have a complete range of ideas to draw from. If you only focus on the same exact fantasies like it's ALLLL super-tight bondage even though super-tight bondage is AWESOME your language will be missing words, so you have to find the full range BUT ITS OKAY IF YOU'RE LIKE SPECIALIZING IN WATER-TYPES OR WHATEVER. Mommy's porn is mostly demon-girls and subby humans for instance but we still have enough words to talk because some of it is sex and some of it is just posing and some of it is blowjobs with spreader bars and some of it is holding hands OMIFUCK SO KINKY.