Falling with Style

Heeeey Reader!

Isn't this so romantic? I'm about to bwaha no spoilers just kidding! Now that you're all horny it's finally time to do the exercise you've been thinking about since Fall, Fall!

That's it, right Mommy? They should do the exercise we've been teasing them with?

Almost. What's a really good way to make it easier to think up stuff that's sexy without worrying about being cool or morally upstanding? The hint is you already mentioned it.

HAH! Being horny and tortured and denied! So Mommy are you saying they should like deny themselves for week or two before the write this exercise? And then get teased while they read Many Waters again paying super much attention to every sexy detail?

Not everyone's as hardcore as you, squirmycunt.

Oh so like two days maybe?

[pats her head]

She's not totally wrong, though. It's very personal how you find that headspace. Maybe you do need a few weeks of desperation, or maybe after a day you'll just go numb like I do. Edging for a while first might help, or it might make you so totally distracted with every mention of every curve that you can neither write nor imagine your partner. If you find you don't know as you read this, experiment a bit before you write the scene, and try to find that balance of "too horny to give a fuck what anyone thinks" with "able to write enough of a complete sentence to describe a sex act"  that's a little different for everyone.

You have some advice about setting for writing as a parting shot, too, seethyclit.

Write in bed or a dungeon while watching people play or on your couch if that's where you watch porn and get off or make up a play-computer just for sexy writing if you can afford it even if it's only for a while. DON'T WRITE IN YOUR OFFICE UNLESS YOU HAVE SECRETERY FANTASIES!!!!

HeartFormer works competely even when you have no internet, including this web version, and you should be offline when you write this exercise because feeling like people are around and notifications popping up really wrecks your headspace and it's important for this exercise. Mommy has a tablet we use and it's dedicated just to HeartFormer and like drawing pictures of me so it has no chat program and only Gmail with an account no-one knows about and nothing on it is allowed to put notifications up AND Mommy turned off icons in the status bar so we can concentrate. You really need that for this scene you need privacy and peace without being distracted.

Is that what you wanted, Mommy?

Yes, have a succubus treat (succubus treats are groping--this time).