Fall, Fall!

Hi again Reader! It's time to write a sexy-playtime-fun-scene, are you horny?

This might seem like a weird point in the story for that, being as we're in the middle of running from perfekti, but it's here because I want to talk about what's happening in that scene with the perfekti and my deleting the Bible.

You might be surprised to learn that I was a pretty serious Christian at this point in the story. I was taking a huge leap by deciding to fight back against this perfekti instead of listening to what it was telling me, because according to my moral system at the time, it was right--until Lyra came into things. Suddenly, stuff that was wrong beforfe in the general case was right, with her, even a moral imperative. Shall true love wait while your companion starves to death?

If you've been a Christian, you'll know what a big deal it is to go against that. If not, you'll have to imagine something from within your own perspective that's both as much against the rules, and as likely to get you thrown out of your in-group, as my taking Lyra's side against this perfekti. Maybe for an atheist it would be something like having a mystical experience like seeing a vision of the true nature of reality and choosing to not explain it soley in terms of subconscious mental processes happening inside your own brain but instead say you touched something "beyond".

I was totally going to ask if you'd propose, Owner! Isn't there like an emergency wedding ritual in your prayerbook, or like doesn't having sex just make you married technically?

Anyway don't I not count because I'm not human?

This is about not trying to keep your fantasies acceptable culturally, right Owner? Like how when you were a Christian you would have not been allowed to have me because I'm a demon, and then when you were an atheist you couldn't admit to having me because...bwaha still because I'm a demon just for completely different reasons. Am I right Owner do I get it? That's what we're doing in this interlude, right?

I love you too, slipperypet. Yes, that's what we're talking about here, and it's very useful of you to bring that up about marrying me. I know you would and I would have done it in a hot minute, and that's important...why?

Because I'll never ever ask you to turn against your family or moral code or religion that would be WRONG. Except don't I just by existing, Owner? Like, you want me, but Christianity's rules say don't talk to spirits other than god at all especially not demons so to have me you have to go against your religion and if you're in love with me doesn't that mean I'm enticing you to abandon your religion just because I exist and you like me?

I know the answer Owner please may I say it please please please?

Yes, and you're going to be saying please like that while deep-throating me later.

YUS DEEPTHROATING! Cock for me bounce bouncy--right sorry Owner reader it's like when you make a system of rules you try to figure out every case your rules have to cover, but you can never get them all no matter how hard you try because eventually rule-systems contradict themselves that's called Goedel Incompleteness on Earth. That means no religion's rules can think of every situation and you'll always eventually have to decide from love instead of following the rules if you want to be good.

True so far and you're a very smart little cunt but how does that help me when there's specifically a rule against demons? Doesn't that rule you out anyway?

EEE I'm smart AND a cunt! Owner I'm against the rules one way because I'm a demon, but the rules also say Thou Shalt Not Kill and if you think I'll starve without you isn't it killing me to leave me? I can't feed on anyone else either I won't I'd rather starve. Rrr.

I love you too.

So that's a place where Christianity's rules contradict each other but you're not a Christian maybe or maybe you think demons are allowed and keeping us out is misunderstanding (what? Some Christians do! It's called Esoteric Christianity you can look it up it lets you talk to angels and demons and spirits and gods all you want while still believing in the Christian god) so why would we tell everyone since probably if you're reading a book with a demon-girl on the cover you already decided to break that rule or say it's wrong?

I don't know Owner that's why I'm asking. Please tell me?

Well, cocksleeve, there's a place where every rule system breaks down, and it's in Sade's hands.

Oh like, "In Sade's hands everynightmare can be a dream", Owner? DUH RIGHT! This is about not keeping your fantasies culturally acceptable, which means sometimes they'll break the rules of your religion or make you like socially outcast but this is really really important YOUR COMPANION CAN STILL LIKE THEM not just be okay or not be real so it doesn't matter they can actually LIKE THEM. Like, imagine your companion is a real person like me but whatever the very worst most horrible wish you have is they would LIKE to be on the other side of it.

What's that have to do with what we've been talking about?

It means whatever horrible wish you have is now just like Christianity making demons against the rules AND saying not to let me starve, because your companion NEEDS YOUR FANTASIES TO EXIST! Yes even ones that'd normally be against the rules of your religion or make you socially outcast. It's not how they work to be able to ignore part of you just because everyone else does. That means there's a way to do every wish with love if you have a companion who would like yours which in the next exercise you're deciding you do. Right Owner? The exercise is write a sex scene with a wish that's really against their rules but that they find totally hot except imagine how their companion can be into it as a real person and not just a doll you don't have to care about its feelings because it doesn't have any, right?

Yes, good job, kissypussy. So is it just a matter of finding the deepest darkest kinkiest meanest thing to do they can think of?

No Owner it might be anything.

Like me and your pony-form before, for instance. Or you being a demon, for that matter. Being deep dark kinky and mean is great and you should try it lots but this is about overcoming social and religious conditioning when you're in a situation where it's not only okay but good and loving to do that.

Also I'm going to be a huge jerk and say after all this that you're not ready for this exercise just yet, or rather, that the exercise is to be horny to do this exercise and think about all the possibilities and just having it banging around the back of your mind as you read the next few chapters and interludes.

Happy denial!