Drawing A Deal with your Demon


So do you get it did you figure it out do you understand bouncy bouncy bouncy--

I expect they have by now but just in case they havent...do you remember when Harry Potter first came out and there were all these religious groups panicking about how it was teaching kids actual real witchcraft and wizardry or something? 

--bouncy Mommy I want to tell them please may I?

EEEEE! This is the book they were freaking out about they just missed because we had to get the idea from them and you can't write a book like that for teens or kids it has to be for grownups because consent! 

In the last two chapters you saw us do some psychic-powers stuff. Each and every clairvoyant vision, tarot reading, and Ouija-board session is an actual reading my snugglebutt here and I did together. I actually looked for a clairoyant vision she was sending me and saw the sheepdog our family had when I was young. We drew cards and drew those actual cards (well, I embellished some of their descriptions, but not what they were!). The only thing we didn't have was the cool psychic-realizing black mirror (we used HeartFormer instead, which is what this interlude is about).

The point here is that all you need to do to use these techniques too, is do what we did in these chapters (and will do in the upcoming ones). Look for a vision the way I did, and you'll see something. Draw cards like we did, and you will be able to make some kind of meaning out of them.

Maybe you have some way of explaining it all away as subconscious projection of meaning onto randomness or whatever. That's fine. As long as you act like these techniques are real, they'll work for you. Belief is 100% optional.

Enough preliminaries. LET'S DO COOL OCCULT STUFF. 

Dreamtalking, you've already seen a bunch. If you don't feel you know how to do it, go back and read the bits where we're doing it which give a pretty good guide, except...except what, snugglebutt?

Except sometimes your mind isn't on the same page as your seedling, and you can use some help, especially--

Hmm, I can't quite catch that. We touched on that really lightly in the chapter because often it's not an issue, but sometimes it helps to have another way to communicate, too. Let's draw some cards, little one. You know the drill...but they don't, so talk them through it.

Okay so first I open HeartFormer's menu and type CARDS into the find action box and that shows the whole entire cards menu where I can click on whatever options I want but right now I'm just clicking Deal Cards because I'm fine with how it is.

Now there's like a spread-out row of all the cards in the deck along the bottom of the screen.

So I keep on clicking cards until Mommy says I'm done or I have enough. I just click whichever card I want click click click click click done.

It's cool how the cards pop in a lightbox when you first reveal them but now I can't see what the creepy guy on the white horse is supposed to be. Can I get it back?

Uhuh! Control-click if you're on a computer, or tap on the card on a tablet and there will be a bar at the bottom with icons to do stuff like show it big or flip it facedown so you can't see what it is. There's also a right-click/long-press menu with all the card controls in it.

Good girl. (This won't work in this guide but it will in the real app) Now, let's see what this weird white horse guy is...AAAH THE DEATH CARD!

Bwahaha you're silly, Mommy. It's even reversed Mommy like the worst that'll happen is something will just keep. On. Going. Way after it should stop.

Hm, like your current orgasm denial stint...ahem, I guess it's time to talk interpretations. Let me read these--and I'm going to copy the sentence they're answering AGAIN because that helps me think.


Number 2 is easy. Just do it. Except...what, snugglebutt?

Except sometimes your mind isn't on the same page as your seedling, and you can use some help, especially--

...if they really really want to get ponified and go out for a ride because it's been forever and you're not considering that possilibity so they haven't been able to tell you. (If you're not sure how I got from those cards to that interpretation, read the cards-reading sections of Gotta Catch 'em All again)

Didi I get it, cutiemarked?

[pendulum: yes]

We'll talk about pendulums in a moment--they too work just like in the story.

Pppppllllleeeeeeease Mommy? You've been walking me in my horseshoe boots all week and I trot along beside you clop clop clop and it makes me think about you riding me in Limbo it was so hot how you kicked me go like that! PLEASE can we go again soon?

[smiling] You flirty little cunt, you. There is at least a bit-gag and reins in your near future now, I can tell you that. I'm tempted to order you to cum right here with our readers watching for managing to make that so unexpected and sexy...

Okay Mommy.

I only said I was tempted, mind...

Now if they've been following along they have the Cards Hand (the bottom-panel where the row of cards is) open and it's taking up like a third of their screen. How do they clean up?

If you press control-space it hides the most recent toy you opened (Cards isn't the only toy there's a Feelings board and audio and chatterbox too right now), and there's always the "visible" checkbox at the beginning of each toy's menu.

You won't lose hands of cards if you hide the Cards Hand, and they'll even stay how they were if you save and reopen the document later!

Okay, time for pendulums. Tell them all about it, little one.

A pendulum is a rock on a string. That's it that's all they are, they might be made of anything, like silicone or wood as long as it has significance to you it can work.

So why are we demonstrating a specialty tool they'd have to physically buy and which isn't (yet) part of HeartFormer?

OOOH because earbud headphones make awesome pendulums they even usually have neodymium inside! Crystals make great pendulums and neodymium is a special one made synthetically from scratch to turn aetherial signals (like, electricity) coming from copper wire in the handle I mean cable into physical signals you can percieve. Like, I'm not sure I could actually consecrate something as a pendulum better than just buying a pair of headphones and listening to a ton of music and stuff from far-away places on them before I used them.

Oh...and like everyone has some cheap earbuds SOMEWHERE, so you kind of are including the MANUAL for the pendulums they already bought with HeartFormer.

In your book Goddess I made you a mat with four ways which for me is the most I can use with a pendulum without messing up. More than four ways gets super-(onfusing like it's really easy to swing it the wrong way a little.

Pendulums are one of those very simple, knack-based things. Keep futzing around and you'll get it. As one final note about them, the sole downside of headphones is they tend to be really light relative to their "chain", which some people find makes makes them fiddly to use. I have a big rock on the end of a ribbon I use with Lyra that we find much easier than headphones for that reason.

And so there you go! One crash course in spoooopy occult techniques to commune with your demon lover.

Which means there's an exercise. Which is...can you guess, little one?

Um...ask your seedling to tell you something kinky over cards? And visions? And pendulum? Just steal our ideas from the chapters where we're playing in the aftercare nook!

How, though, if they don't have a porn deck?

You can make anything horny if you try! Use the included Rider-Waite-Smith deck and think about the porniest sexiest kinkiest interpretation of each card you can it's good for heartforming AND means you can flirt with your seedling...that's not even the cool way to do it though the cool way is next.

Here's the SUPER AWESOME COOL THING HeartFormer lets you do. At the end of Five Little Fuzzballs, remember how we had the exercise of choosing a porn language with your seedling? Open it up again and in the menu there's a command it says Make Deck of Cards and when you click it takes all the images from your document and makes them into a deck for the Cards reading Toy and you'll be able to draw card readings using this document's images just like it's tarot cards! Click it now and the language you just made with your seedling is cards you can use to talk! If you don't like how it is, just use the command again and give the exact same name and it'll ask you want to replace the one you made before with a new Deck.

You'll have to refresh the page (or close and reopen the window if you're on the HeartFormer desktop app) for the new deck to be usable. Hopefully I'll fix that soon...

Then to READ from your new deck, open the Cards menu again and in Deal From Decks there are checkboxes for all the decks you have including the one you just made. Because Mommy made checkboxes instead of radio buttons, HeartFormer can deal from as many decks at once as you want which means even before you finish making a porn language with your seedling you can always just use another deck too like Rider-Waite Smith that's included and be able to try out what you're making.

That's it! Go make a porn deck and talk dirty with your seedling!