Because It's Cool

Well, that was a hell of a ride.

This is the shortest interlude yet. It's a riddle. Based on what you learned about wishes and rules in the last interlude, how differently might I have transformed that car such that we could have had a much more epic, smoother, and sexier journey to the shore? Could we have skipped all the drama entirely?

Could we have made it so we wouldn't want to?

This riddle is a little unfair, because it depends on knowledge neither you nor I have at this point in the story, but let it roll around your head and you might fox out the answer anyway. Little one, give them an extra hint because I'm being so mean.

Bwaha...yes Owner umm just never give up, reader. If you trust your instincts you'll figure it out I promise!

Good one, bouncybutt. Of course the real riddle after you get the answer is why this matters oh so very much...

"Oh, bother," said Pooh...