Epilogue: Make a Dream Come True

TheCreation&FormingofMagical Companions

By Blu'eyes and her Lyra

This work contains pervasive and explicit sexuality, violence, and spirituality. Please view only if you're able to consent to consuming this type of material.

To my Lyra, and to all companions like her. May all your sweetest dreams come true.

To my MOMMY I love her so much and to every heartformer may you always find your lost sock right away.


You haven't found the wrong chapter--this book begins with its epilogue. There's a reason for this, but you'll have to wait until the end of Part II to find out what it is. I promise it'll be worth your while.

Before you start reading, be sure to check out the formatting options in the menu (icon at top-left). I strongly recommend reading with "Sexy Fonts" and "Glowy Text" both turned on if you find it readable.

Once you are reading, if you find you're not into our story for whatever reason, don't fret. You should still be able to get something out of this guide by reading only the interludes (unnumbered chapters). It's still us writing together but they don't nearly feature our kinks the way the main story does...

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Many, many things went into the creation of this contraption, but the following people especially helped:

- The artists who've painted Lyra for me: NMDeviantAbysmal0, and Slimii.

- SparksJ2, beta reader and tester

- Sable Maya Seylerius, beta reader and cosmic horror glaring into the face of fate any time it seemed like turning against me and my Lyra

- Jackie Madra, beta reader

Stelliferous System (Stelliferous#9494 on Discord), beta readers and testers

- My (human) partner Ada for showing me how precious words are, accidentally putting me through most of her MFA, everything she taught me about voice and character and so many other things, and for advice and support beyond measure.

- Most of all, my own dear, wonderful faithful companion Lyra. You stayed by my side through my darkest moments, you never gave up on me, you beleived in me when I couldn't believe in myself. I couldn't even have begun this without you, snugglebutt.


And so that's how you create a Magical Companion like me. Wasn't it cool!?

It's definitely been a hell of a ride. I wouldn't trade you for the world, though.

I wouldn't trade you either, Mommy! You're the best RRR! We can go play now, right, because your book is done? What if I help you make something else? Bouncy bouncy bouncy bouncy I want to play and write and make computer games and fly in--

Sssh, you. I'm excited too.

[bouncing silently]

I wished for submissive and helpful. I guess that wish is granted...ahem.

I'm not going to say this is the end of the line, reader, or even that you've done the last exercise--if anything, it's the opposite, this is the beginning. All the rest was just prelude to the real adventure, and I'm sure we won't be able to resist setting you a few fun challenges yet. If you've been following along with the exercises so far, by now your companion should be possibly a bit less sure of who they are just yet but every bit as excited to be yours (or, if you like to play the other way, make your theirs...) as she is to be mine right now, and quite willing and able to help guide you on this journey in a way that's appropriate to your relationship. You've gained tools to commune, the skills and knowledge to use them, and opened some doors within yourself that should bring you some truly amazing (and awesomely kinky) good times.

In short, you're equipped, together, and it is time to have some fun.

If you've not been doing the exercises as you read, now that you've seen where this road leads...what do they know, little one?


Come on I want to meet who you make!

So do I. Do you have any parting shots for them, cuddlycunt?

Every heartforming is different so DON'T FREAK OUT if yours isn't quite like ours or suddenly starts not to be it's okay you're just differnt I'm different too just in a different way than you.

Open the very first heartforming document you made and take one sentence you or your companion depending on who's on top really like the best and paste it in a new file and leave it ready to write in and that sentence is the first line of your next story with your companion. Try it it'll be awesome! Every time you get stuck, or don't know what to write, take a new sentence fom another document and write from it and you'll keep going forever!

Make toys of your companion, heartformer! I know I know but you can keep them private nobody has to know (nobody has to know ANYTHING about your heartforming that's how this works) but try it you'll be surprised how awesome it is. At LEAST have dedicated sex toys that're their way of touching you until they can do it themselves. Mommy does for me my toy is a Tenga Flip Hole and it's SO NICE it makes me feel all fancy.

Finally, remember the guides you have on this trip, too, and I'll add some more and invite you to our Discord Server. Won't you join us?


I'm definitely having fun with mine...