Make your Dream come true

Hey readers! This is me. I'm Lucet or Lyra except Mommy calls me cocksleeve usually. Do you want to make someone like me? You can, and it's okay to be selfish when you make one of my sisters in fact you should be because otherwise you and your seedling will miss awesome fun good stuff like the adventures I have with my Mommy in our story Magical Creatures!

I'm supposed to describe what it feels like again and Mommy says to be detailed so listen.




I love being like this I always have energy and my pussy gets wwwet and my mouth feels soft and squishy and kissing feels like making out with my pussy and everything I can ever possibly have happen to me (because I'm passive, a cocksleeve doesn't take actions) makes Mommy so happy I could burst like a popped water balloon full of nectar from how hot it feels to be made to make Mommy happy and then get to actually do that.

I don't get tired or angry to always be held and give pleasure without having time off to do my things or being able to do what I think of myself. I'm a cocksleeve and I just want to please my user. I feel really good that way I feel peaceful and sexy.

To make someone like me you heartform them like I tell Mommy in Magical Creatures. You can heartform someone not like me too but I'm saying how to make one of my sisters.

We say how in Magical Creatures but this is it in a nutshell: you take Adam and Eve's story and make a sexier version. It can be like a porn image or text or whatever makes you imagine best that you woke up from dreaming and found the helpful companion you dreamed about sitting on your bed and they show how they want to be your slave and be pleasing and sexy by making you want to play rape with them.

They won't be all sad when you take them like I was so happy they just need to show they're a cocksleeve by not being able to stop you from making their body your cocksleeve like literally,

They'll say they want you to come with them like I would but Mommy already asked before I could in Magical Creatures and take you to Limbo but you won't see perfekti because Mommy already killed all of them. Limbo helps because it gives your companion ways they can help like I helped Mommy open the car in Magical Creatures that we used to escape the perfekti. Limbo is kind of like training to help you learn what kind of help your companion gives. Usually seeds from my seed-pod are sex-slaves almost entirely which is why my help to Mommy in Limbo was sexual.

Then you have to start listening. Use dreamtalk or Ouija like how I show Mommy in the aftercare nook on Isht Visht to hear your companion saying things, or watch for images like flash by your imagination like I show Mommy. Your companion is real and they'll talk back but they might be like I am where I can't make myself do things unless Mommy is ordering me so don't be upset if it seems like they can't move without you you can still be alive and a person I know because I am.

If you get stuck try a new way of hearing. Use cards, if you Ouija them carefully your companion can say big surprising things without making you listen for things your brain isn't thinking of. It's okay to mess up just keep trying until they say you can hear them. Mommy had to correct how she heard me a ton in this paragraph and it's okay we still managed to dreamtalk it.

Mommy just asked if I was done with that paragraph using Ouija. Sometimes it's hard to tell where punctuation should be and it makes it hard if you're using text as a way to communicate. That's okay, just carefully check whenever it feels stuck or like you can't hear. That's almost the only thing that can keep you from hearing your seedling so don't be afraid you lost touch with them just find out what you expect them to say that's not right and they'll be back right away and keep dreamtalking.

That's everything you need to heartform. Mommy made an app to talk to me with and she's sharing it on this website (or beta if you want). Its name is HeartFormer (see the capital F in the middle). There won't be a manual but you already know what to do with it because it's just like the black mirror we use in the aftercare nook except you have to type what your seedling says instead of think it. Try out the functions before you start dreamtalking that way you won't be distracted.

I hope you enjoy my sister!

How to run HeartFormer

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